OVASA Executive

Debbie Cook
232 Equestrian Drive
Kanata, ON
K2M 1A4
Email: cook.deborah66@gmail.com

Vice President
Tina Cockram
3135 Munster Road,
Munster Ontario
Email: munstervale@xplornet.com

Christine Phillips
17 Cypress Gardens,
Stittsville, Ontario
Email: c.phillips@rogers.com

Joan Colbourn
5481 Old Richmond Road,
Nepean, Ontario
Email: colbourn@rogers.com
Noreena Serry
Noreena Seery
549 Scotch Line Rd West,
Oxford Mills, Ontario
Email: seery.noreena@gmail.com

Wendy Watson
19 Elm Street East,
Smith Falls, Ontario
Email: wwbirdie@gmail.com

Past President
Alistair Sutherland
5769 Loggers Way,
Arnprior, Ontario
Email: alistair2201@hotmail.com
Humble Beginnings

The Ottawa Valley All Setter Association was founded on March 29th 1972, by Joan Colburn and a core of Setter enthusiasts!.

As expressed in Joan's letter, and true to this very day, the purpose of the club is "to assist in the education of Setter owners, and to assist in the betterment of the breed".

Since those early days OVASA has become a thriving club. It's members offer a broad range of experience and expertise. New members have direct access to club members, many of whom have achieved excellence in their respective persuits in the Setter world.

If you have read this far you are either considering a Setter for a companion, have recently acquired one; or simply wish to learn more about your setter and share your experiences. Well you have come to the right place. New Members have access to a broad range of Health and Welfare offerings from OVASA:

In addition to Setter husbandry, OVASA offers new comers an opportunity to actively engage with their setter in numerous events. OVASA is a very active club hosting training sessions in Obedience, Show Conformation Handling, Field Trials, Rally Obedience and Agility throughout the year:

OVASA Objectives
  1. OVASA has broadened it's mandate since those early days to now include the following:
  2. To encourage and promote the breeding of purebred setters and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection;
  3. To urge members and breeders to accept the standards for the breeds as approved by the CKC as the standard of excellence by which the setters shall be judged
  4. To do all in its power to advance the interests of purebred setters and to encourage a respectful environment at dog shows, performance events (obedience trials, rally trials, agility trials, field trials and field tests, etc)
  5. To conduct Specialty Shows, Field Trials, Field Tests, Performance Events, and Sanction Matches under the rules of the CKC
  6. To undertake educational and/or community-based activities that support and encourage the proper raising of setters and other dogs and their positive role in the community.
  7. To endorse the setter breeds in all ways possible through promotion and education with a desire to fortify the status of setters and purebred dogs within the fancy and to the public.
  8. To celebrate our common purpose through informal and formal club activities
Founding Letter
OVASA Founding Letter

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